Why Bangladesh should be Your Next Investment Destination

  • Bangladesh is a part of Goldman Sachs’s “The Next Eleven”, a group of countries that will probably become some of the world’s largest economies in the 21st century

  • Bangladesh is a part of the J.P. Morgan’s ‘Frontier Five’ economies. 
  • According to World Economic Forum, Bangladesh economy to be 24th largest in the world by 2030 

  • Bangladesh has USD 40 billion investment in infrastructure development to create synergy with 100 economic zones, which are to be established in the next 15 years.

  • Bangladesh maintained resilient and fast economic growth with a 5.5% GDP growth rate in 2021 amid the pandemic and 8.2% in 2019 the pre-pandemic year

  • Bangladesh is the 2nd largest RMG exporting and 8th highest remittance-receiving country in the world

  • Bangladesh has a strong future demographic dividend with around 46% under 25 years of age

  • Bangladesh has a Ba3 rating by Moody’s and BB- rating by Fitch Rating as a frontier emerging economy

Investment Process

Foreign Investors needs to open a custodian account with the selected list of Custodians in Bangladesh which includes United Commercial Bank, HSBC, SCB, BRAC Bank, Citi NA, Prime Bank, AB Bank, Dhaka Bank, One Bank, The City Bank, Commercial Bank of Ceylon, and IDLC Finance. With the custodian bank’s assistance, the investor needs to open a foreign currency (FC) account, one NITA account, and one beneficiary owner’s account. After that, the investor can open a trading account with UCB Stock Brokerage Limited to start trading in the Bangladesh market.

Fees and Services

UCB Stock Brokerage only charges the trade commission. There are no account opening fees or any other fees for foreign investors. Moreover, foreign investors will get a number of facilities from UCB Stock Brokerage including top-quality research and best corporate access support.

Research: UCB Stock Brokerage Limited has one of the most recognized investment research teams in Bangladesh. In 2020 and 2021, the team served more than 30 foreign fund management companies based out of New York, Salt Lake City, London, Cape Town, Singapore, and Hong Kong with research and corporate access. Also, the team has a track record of executing successful international roadshows. UCB Stock Brokerage Ltd has a partnership with Rosenblatt Securities Inc. (largest floor-broker in the USA), under the Chaperone Agreement. The research team is also serving Europe-based fund managers as per MiFID II.